Drivalia launches Future, the brand dedicated to the new life of ex-lease cars


A marketplace dedicated to giving ex-lease cars a new life, promoting a circular economy approach. This is the goal of Drivalia, the rental and mobility company of CA Auto Bank, as it launches the Future brand in the Italian market. Future is designed for the purchase of vehicles at the end of their rental or subscription contract, initiating a new life cycle

  • Future is the new marketplace inspired by the circular economy, offering vehicles from the Drivalia fleet for purchase at the conclusion of their rental or subscription contract.
  • Already established internationally, the brand is now launching in Italy.
  • Initially accessible to dealers and professionals via a 100% digital platform, Future will be expanded to include private individuals in 2024.

The Future brand, already operational in Finland, Norway, and the Czech Republic, is now
entering Italy through a 100% digital platform.

This platform offers a wide range of options from the Drivalia fleet and will be initially accessible to dealers and industry professionals, but plans are afoot to make it available to private customers as well in the near future.

The platform, accessible at future.drivalia.com, is simple and intuitive. Once registered, users can select the auction they wish to participate in and bid for the vehicle at the best price. Each model comes with a photo and an appraisal conducted by certified personnel, ensuring a secure and hassle-free purchasing process.

Future allows users to buy cars individually or in lots. The platform’s dashboard enables users to follow auctions live, monitor their progress, and access detailed information about the chosen cars.

Soon, the first Future Stores will be opened, in the form of large exhibition spaces similar to those already present in Finland, Norway, and the Czech Republic. These spaces will allow customers to physically examine and purchase vehicles. stated, ‘With Future, we aim to provide a new life to Drivalia’s ex-lease cars. It is a sustainable and affordable solution, addressing the needs of those seeking accessible and quality mobility alternatives.

Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Drivalia,Our new brand, already successfully operational in other European countries, also underscores Drivalia’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact through the responsible reuse of its fleet”.

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