We ensure your peace of mind. CA Auto Bank provides a wide range of insurance products
and ancillary services to go with either financing or leasing.

We are by your side when you need to buy a car or lease it, ensuring that you get maximum support for every need.

We have created a full range of insurance services, which can be combined with any type of financing or leasing, to meet all mobility-related needs.

Third-party liability insurance

Provides third-party liability coverage at a locked-in price for the life of the contract.

Theft/fire insurance

In addition to theft and fire, your vehicle is insured against robbery, acts of nature, sociopolitical events, vandalism and glass breakage. Throughout the life of the contract.

Kasko & Collision Insurance

Kasko reimburses damages in the event of a collision with another vehicle, collision with fixed and moving obstacles, rollover and running off the road. The Collision policy kicks in only in the event of a collision with another identified vehicle.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance

Protects the value of your purchase: indemnifies the customer, in the event of theft or total damage, either the replacement value for a specified number of years after purchase or an advantageous variable indemnity, calculated on the market value of the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Protected Loan

The customer is relieved of the obligation to pay the outstanding debt in whole or in part in the event of certain sudden and/or unexpected events (e.g., loss of employment, hospitalization, temporary disability as a result of an accident etc.).

Extended Warranty

Extends the manufacturer’s warranty with solutions capable of covering any expenses in case of vehicle breakdown.


Ensures the Scheduled Maintenance Work Plan at a fixed price to preserve the vehicle’s operating condition and efficiency.

Roadside Assistance

Emergency and roadside assistance on ordinary roads and highways.

Window/vehicle marking

A system that makes the vehicle identifiable in all its parts. A strong deterrent against partial theft and counterfeiting.

Smart (Small Medium Area Repair Technique) Insurance

Covers minor bodywork damage to keep the car in perfect condition at all times.

Tire Insurance

Covers cases of puncture or accidental damage, so you can travel with peace of mind.