CA Auto Bank manages compensation in line with its values, thus following the principles of equity, fairness, and prudent risk management, with the aim of attracting and retaining people with professionalism and skills appropriate to the company’s needs.

The goal, in the interest of all, is to achieve remuneration systems that are in line with the company’s long-term strategies and objectives, linked to business results, appropriately adjusted to take into account all risks, consistent with the levels of capital and liquidity needed to cope with the activities undertaken and, in any case, such as to avoid distorted incentives that could lead to regulatory breaches or excessive risk-taking for the bank.

Our approach to compensation provides a balanced package of fixed and variable components, differentiated according to the role in the company, to act on employee motivation and retention and ensuring internal equity and overall consistency of the compensation system:

  • fixed pay is the main component of remuneration; it must be sufficient in itself to reward the content of the role held and must be proportionate to the scope of responsibilities and the previous experience of individual employees;
  • variable pay rewards performance by directly linking compensation and short- and long-term performance, to strengthen alignment between the interests of shareholders and those of management and employees.