In addition to getting you behind the wheel of the car you want, we want to ensure you have a worry-free driving experience.


Third-Party Liability Insurance

Includes coverage for damages suffered by third parties as a result of road traffic accidents and damages to third parties transported inside the vehicle.

Road Tax

Included in all long-term rental plans.

Fines Management

Included in the rental agreement, either in the “pay and re-charge” or ” renotify” mode, as well as handling of all administrative paperwork for the car.

Routine and non-routine maintenance

Drivalia is in charge of operational support and maintenance activities, both routine and non-routine, of vehicles and fleets. These activities are carried out in Drivalia Mobility Stores, centers selected and monitored by Drivalia to provide service with high quality standards in an optimal timeframe.

Damage repair cover

Includes vehicle restoration and relieves the customer of financial liability towards Drivalia in case of:

  • physical and direct damage to the vehicle as a result of accidental collision, impact, running off the road and overturning while on the road and/or parked;
  • damage to the vehicle as a result of attempted theft or fire, even if it did not result in the total loss of the vehicle.

Basic roadside assistance

In case of vehicle breakdown, we guarantee roadside assistance, including car replacement, by contacting customer service 24 hours a day.

Road and airport charges

Always included in all types of rentals.

In addition to a wide range of solutions to get behind the wheel in an easy and cost-effective manner, Drivalia provides many supplementary services to drive with peace of mind.


Replacement vehicle

You can include in your contract a replacement vehicle for use in the event of a breakdown.

Tire Replacement Service

The supply of new, type-approved, first-rate tires of the best brands is always guaranteed. The service is provided through qualified operators and also includes replacement in case of problems while driving. Winter tires can be included in the service.

Driver Insurance

Protects the safety of the driver as well. Coverage also includes a portion related to reimbursement of medical expenses incurred.

Fuel Card

Drivalia provides a fuel card for refueling at selected distributors. All administrative paperwork remains with Drivalia.