CA Auto Bank has an internal control system designed to continuously detect, measure and verify the risks associated with the conduct of its business. This system includes the involvement of the governing bodies, control functions and committees, the Supervisory Board, the Independent Auditors, senior management, and all personnel.


The internal control system consists of the set of rules, functions, structures, employees, processes and procedures that aim to ensure the achievement of the following purposes:

  • monitoring the implementation of group strategies and policies;
  • reduction of risk within the limits specified in the intermediary’s r Risk Appetite Framework “RAF”;
  • safeguarding assets and protecting against losses;
  • effectiveness and efficiency of business processes;
  • reliability and security of business information and IT procedures;
  • prevention of the risk of the intermediary being involved, even unintentionally, in unlawful activities with particular reference to those related to money laundering, usury and terrorist financing;
  • compliance of operations with the law and supervisory regulations, as well as internal policies, regulations and procedures.