Digital Factory is the new open innovation platform promoted by CA AUTO BANK and the Innovative Business Incubator (I3P) of the Politecnico di Torino. Designed for innovative start-ups and SMEs, Digital Factory aims to explore existing national and international innovations in order to contribute to the technological and digital transformation of the banking sector.

“Most innovations fail. And companies that don’t innovate die.” How can a company innovate successfully? Relying on ideas and know-how from within the organization is not enough; it is also necessary to open up to the outside world, engaging with incubators, research centers, and universities to create a high-value-added ecosystem. Firmly believing in this approach, in May 2020 CA Auto Bank launched the “Digital Factory” project in collaboration with I3P, the incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, voted the best in the world by the World Rankings of Business Incubators and Accelerators.

The objective is to explore new solutions and technologies that can contribute to the digital transformation of CA Auto Bank, accelerating the internal innovation process. Artificial Intelligence, Banking, Mobility, Digitalization, Sustainability are some of the main themes. In a hyper-connected world, digital transformation plays an increasingly important role for companies. Digital Factory is intended for teams, start-ups and SMEs working on new innovative projects that meet the growing needs of a dynamic and cutting-edge clientele.

The Digital Factory initiative is an integral part of CA Auto Bank’s ESG strategy, which is based on four fundamental pillars: Sustainable Mobility, Environment, People, Innovation and Digital.
As a digitally-driven and innovative bank, we want to be ever closer to our customers, helping them experience true digital transformation. To do so, we consider innovation and digitalization useful in advancing our customer-centric approach, ensuring maximum accessibility and transparency for our services.
Investing in innovative startups is part of this process, which will enable us to achieve our goals.

Candidates that wish to participate in the Digital Factory project will have the opportunity to make direct contact with CA Auto Bank and the Group’s subsidiaries. The initiative is the first step for the parties involved to get to know each other.

Evaluation of proposals

  1. All proposals submitted via the form on the Initiative website will be processed and evaluated. Each proposal will be outlined in a project sheet. The Digital Factory team will conduct a preliminary analysis to verify the presence of all the necessary information to proceed with a technical evaluation, reserving the right to request additional information to the submitted documentation.
  2. I3P and CA Auto Bank will perform a technical evaluation of each proposal received to determine the maturity level of the company, the potential benefit of the proposed use case compared to other solutions available in the market, the interest of the potential beneficiaries and the applicability of the solution within CA Auto Bank.
  3. Candidates who have submitted the most interesting use cases will then be contacted directly by the Digital Factory team to jointly build a business case to be submitted to CA Auto Bank managers.
  4. Candidates will thus have the opportunity to enter into a collaboration agreement with CA Auto Bank, both to test the use case presented and, where applicable, to negotiate the proposed solution.



Who is Reefilla:

Reefilla wants to make the user forget about the problem of recharging the battery of electric vehicles by offering a mobile charging service and calculating in a predictive way the expected charging time. Through the startup’s solution, the user can monitor the state of charge of the car and when the battery level falls below a certain threshold, Reefilla proposes a recharge. If the user accepts, a Reefilla operator reaches the car’s location and connects the device, which can provide a charge to cover a range of 100/120 km in about 30 minutes. Customers will then find their vehicle recharged without having to search for a free charging station and without having to move the vehicle once the recharge is complete.

Why Drivalia: Drivalia has the opportunity to expand its range of services related to electric mobility and its customers will benefit from the solution proposed by Reefilla. In addition, with an onsite recharge, the idle time of each vehicle is limited, increasing the number of vehicles available for sharing at all times, thus enhancing the total revenue generated by the service.



Who is Stip: Stip is a plug-and-play artificial intelligence solution that improves digital customer service performance for companies, reducing costs and end-to-end management time by 80%. Unlike a standard chatbot, the goal is not to replace the operator, but to maximize efficiency. Stip applies artificial intelligence to the entire customer service process to assist operators by automating non-value-added tasks. Stip provides multiple AI models that allow the operator to focus solely and exclusively on ticket resolution.

Why CA Auto Bank: Using Stip’s AI models, CA Auto Bank can simplify the organization of customer support by automatically sending emails targeted to different audiences, reducing the cost of external operators, and integrating new channels such as WhatsApp to automate all leads collected.


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