To reap the benefits tomorrow, you must sow the seeds today. With us, you can put your money to work with a 100% online and manageable product for free.

Introduced in Italy in 2016 and available in Germany since 2017, Crédit Agricole Auto Bank’s term deposits offer an ideal solution to put your savings into high gear. There are no opening, management, or closing fees and, at maturity, you have can renew your deposit in your user area.

In Italy, to open a Conto Deposito, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps online.
You can open the Conto Deposito Libero with the deposit of just one Euro, with no fixed maturity. Opening, managing and closing the account is free*. You can also open long-term deposits with Tempo and Tempo+, starting from €1,000.

Starting from January 2024, Crédit Agricole Auto Bank is expanding its services to Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain. Through a partnership with Raisin’s digital platform, customers in these countries now have the opportunity to open a Conto Deposito.
Notably, savers in these regions are exempt from Italian withholding tax on savings interest. At the end of the deposit period, customers will receive their initial deposit along with contractual interest.

Crédit Agricole Auto Bank‘s Conto Deposito has been given a Baa1 rating (Moody’s Investors Service Deposits L/T).

Our products are guaranteed by the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund.

* Except for tax charges (stamp duty and interest withholding tax) where required by current regulations and postage.Advertising message with promotional purposes.