Gruppo Campello and CA Auto Bank sign a new partnership for the Cenntro brand


Gruppo Campello, the official distributor of the Cenntro brand in Italy, and CA Auto Bank, an international banking group specializing in vehicle financing and mobility, have announced a strategic partnership for the marketing of the brand’s products.

  • Activated the credit line for the sale of the Cenntro brand’s fully-electric commercial vehicles.

At the core of the agreement is the establishment of a dedicated line of credit for the sale of Cenntro’s fully-electric commercial vehicles. This line of credit will be provided by CA Auto Bank to Gruppo Campello, enabling the latter to offer its customers tailored and affordable financing solutions.The partnership with CA Auto Bank encompasses all models in the Cenntro range marketed by Campello, from Avantier, a 100% electric commercial quadricycle, to the LS100, LS200, and LS260, the three products in the Logistar line.

As a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, the Bank will provide a wide array of financial products and services, including loans and leasing.

The primary objective of this agreement is to provide customers with a holistic buying experience, as Gruppo Campello delivers comprehensive sales and service through its network of dealerships across Italy as well as tailor-made solutionsAdditionally, CA Auto Bank will ensure dedicated 24/7 customer service. “We are delighted with this new partnership, which strengthens our longstanding relationship with CA Auto Bank, already our financial partner for other brands,” said Alessandro Campello, CEO of Gruppo Campello. “CA Auto Bank is among the most important and experienced players in the industry. This partnership will enable us to offer our customers an even more complete and advantageous financial solution”. “We are proud to have been chosen by Campello as the financial partner for Cenntro in Italy, where the brand made its debut this year. This choice is evidence to our partners’ appreciation for our innovative plans and 100 years of experience in the sector,” said Giacomo Carelli, CEO of CA Auto Bank. “This new collaboration represents an important milestone for our Bank in its growth journey in the world of light commercial vehicles”.

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