Drivalia unveils its growth ambitions in Finland for the coming years


  • The new rental and mobility company of the CA Auto Bank group, born out of the acquisition of Leaseplan operations in Finland, announces its growth plans in Finland for the coming years.
  • The Finnish subsidiary, led by Petteri Pihlas, will initially focus on LTR, leasing and fleet management. The company aims to build up a fleet of 30,000 cars (nearly 20% more than today).
  • Drivalia will review opportunities to expand also in the short- and medium-term rental business, as well as car subscription plans in Finland.

CA Auto Bank Group’s mobility services have made their way to Finland through the establishment of Drivalia Lease Finland, the Group’s new rental, leasing, and mobility company. Operating from Espoo since August, after the acquisition of Leaseplan operations in Finland, the subsidiary is led by the Managing Director Petteri Pihlas.

The company announces its growth plans for the next years. Drivalia Lease Finland’s offerings will initially focus on leasing and fleet management, consolidating its current business volumes, which allowed it to achieve a leading position in the Finnish market. Starting from the next few months, Drivalia aims to strengthen its presence in Finland by increasing its fleet, projected to reach 30,000 vehicles in the next few years. In line with its European strategy, Drivalia Lease Finland is also reviewing opportunities to expand in the short- and medium-term rental and car subscription business: “The launch of Drivalia’s solutions in Finland represents an important step in our pan-European growth strategy. Our goal is to become one of the leading players in the new mobility sector, with a strong focus on green vehicles” says Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Drivalia. “To achieve this, we are investing to strengthen our total fleet, which is set to expand to 300,000 vehicles by 2026, with over half of them consisting of electric and PHEV models. Furthermore, our electric infrastructure is projected to encompass 3,500 charging stations by the same year”. “We are proud to join the strong team of Crédit Agricole Group and Drivalia” says Petteri Pihlas, Managing Director of Drivalia Lease Finland. “Being part of a bank with the scale of the Crédit Agricole Group, one of the ten largest banks in the world, we will work not just to offer our customers the same high-quality standards offered so far, but to raise such standards to the levels reached in the other European countries. Our strategy, based on our nature as an independent and multi-brand operator in a group with almost one century of automotive experience, enables us to offer the best mobility solutions available on the market”.

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