Drivalia is enlarging its footprint in Madrid  by opening four new Mobility Stores


Drivalia, a CA Auto Bank Group company specializing in sustainable mobility solutions, will open four new Mobility Stores in Madrid.

  • Drivalia, a CA Auto Bank Group company, emphasizes its commitment to the Spanish capital with the opening of four new Stores.
  • These new Stores, located in Leganés, Aranjuez, Alcobendas, and Chamartín, are in addition to the one already operational in Atocha.

Drivalia, a CA Auto Bank Group company specializing in sustainable mobility solutions, will open four new Mobility Stores in Madrid, in addition to the one already operational near the Atocha station. The new locations will be Leganés, Aranjuez, Chamartín, and Alcobendas, which will be equipped with electric charging stations to enable customers to power their cars at no extra cost.

Antonio Elia, Country Manager of Drivalia, said “With Drivalia, we are working to democratize green and sustainable mobility. To achieve this goal, we aim to be close to customers, establishing differentiated locations to attract various types of consumers through a widespread presence across the geographical area of reference.”

“Currently, most of our stores are located in train stations and airports, where tourists are predominant. However, as we implement our plans to reach 50 Mobility Stores by the end of 2023, openings in urban areas are becoming increasingly important”.
In fact, of the four new locations, only the Chamartín store will be near the train station, while the others will be strategically placed in different areas of the cities. The Alcobendas store, located at the company’s headquarters in Spain, will serve as the flagship store and will be directly owned and operated by the company. The other locations will be operated by partners under collaboration arrangements.

All Drivalia outlets are based on the Planet Mobility concept, offering a full range of mobility services that cater to the evolving habits of users who increasingly seek on-demand and flexible alternatives to meet their diverse needs. In addition to traditional solutions, which include leases and rentals of any duration, Drivalia also provides innovative options, such as CarCloud, a car subscription service. Through the payment of a monthly fee that covers all vehicle-related costs (insurance, assistance, taxes), customers enjoy the flexibility associated with a car that they can return when no longer needed or switch to another model if their requirements change. This alternative aligns with the growing consumer preference for vehicle use over ownership. This trend is substantiated by data, as registrations of leased vehicles experienced a notable 60% growth, to 73,888 units, in the first quarter of 2023 (source: Spanish Vehicle Rental Association – AER).

The Company’s commitment to green mobility is evident in its projected data and forecasts. Regarding charging stations, all Drivalia stores will provide facilities for customers to charge their electric vehicles, with each Mobility Store featuring 2 to 10 charging stations. The company’s target is to have 100 operational charging points by 2023, a number expected to increase  fourfold, to 400, by 2026. Additionally, Drivalia plans to expand its fleet to 9,000 units by the end of this year and 20,000 by 2026, with 80% of the total expected progressively to be made up of zero- or low-emission vehicles.

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