E+Share Drivalia is here: CA Auto Bank’s mobility company announces the rebranding and launch in France of its electric car sharing service


  • Drivalia’s electric car sharing service, formerly e-GO! Drivalia, undergoes a name and brand identity transformation , and is now known as E+Share Drivalia.
  • With this rebranding, the car sharing business joins the E+ family, which encompasses all Drivalia products related to electric mobility, including the charging station network and the Drivalia Recharge app
  • Marking the launch of its new name, E+Share Drivalia makes its debut in Lyon, France, with an initial fleet of 100 electric Fiat 500 cars, set to increase to 200 by year-end.

Drivalia, the rental, leasing, and mobility company of the CA Auto Bank Group, announces the rebranding of its electric car sharing service, e-GO! Drivalia, which will now be known as E+Share Drivalia.

With this rebranding initiative, the service becomes part of the E+ family, which encompasses all of Drivalia’s products related to electric mobility, thus including the car sharing business, the charging station network, and the Drivalia Recharge app The birth of E+Share Drivalia is accompanied by the creation of a new logo and a new visual identity that best reflect the Company’s focus on electric mobility and its integration within a unified “brand family.” This rebranding effort will lead to the restyling of the entire car sharing fleet, enhancing the service’s value and recognition while improving the user experience. Moreover, in conjunction with the launch of the new name, E+Share Drivalia announced its debut in Lyon, France. This expansion marks the arrival in France of the car sharing service, after it has been successfully operating for two years in Turin, Milan, and Rome, offering over 900 electric Fiat 500 cars with in free floating mode (i.e. with no parking restrictions). The Lyon-based fleet, initially comprising 100 vehicles in October, will increase to 200 by year-end. The service is available to users across all the cities where it operates.

“We are proud of the birth of E+Share Drivalia and of its start of operations in France, after the positive results achieved in Italy. This moment brings us even closer to the goal of our parent company, CA Auto Bank, of becoming one of the main drivers of the democratization process for zero- or low-emission vehicles”, said Giacomo Carelli, CEO of CA Auto Bank and Chairman of Drivalia. “Drivalia wants to actively contribute to the energy transition also in the shared mobility sector. Our 100% electric car sharing service is an important pillar of our “Planet Mobility” offering, which can be summarized in the four verbs “Rent Lease Subscribe Share.” In the future we plan to extend this service to other European cities”, said Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Drivalia.

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