Drivalia Lease Sverige is born: the Group expands its presence in Northern Europe


Drivalia's mobility services debut in Sweden with the establishment of Drivalia Lease Sverige, the new local branch of the CA Auto Bank Group's rental, leasing and mobility company.

  • The newly created Swedish branch of CA Auto Bank Group’s rental and leasing company will be based in Malmö, to play a major role in the Nordic mobility market serving both corporate and individual customers.
  • The Company will launch its offering in Sweden with an initial focus on a selection of models in co-operation with its main partner in the market, KW Bruun Automotive.

Drivalia’s mobility services debut in Sweden with the establishment of Drivalia Lease Sverige, the new local branch of the CA Auto Bank Group’s rental, leasing and mobility company. Headquartered in Malmö, the company is headed by Country Manager Niels Bjørn Jacobsen and aims to create synergies with Drivalia’s existing operations in Denmark, Finland and Norway to establish a single, cohesive presence in the Nordic countries.

The Company has outlined its development plans for the coming years. By leveraging the Group’s resources optimally, Drivalia Lease Sverige aims to have a fleet of approximately 4,000 vehicles by 2024, with steady additions in subsequent years.

Moreover, the strategic approach is tailored to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including both corporate entities and individual customers, so that the Company can become a competitive player in the market.

This will be achieved through a focus on both long- and short-term rentals. Initially, the long-term offerings, with an average contract term of 36 months, will emphasize a selection of models sourced through the successful partnership with KW Bruun Import, one of Scandinavia’s largest car importers. This partnership, active in Denmark for some time, has now extended to Sweden through the KW Bruun Automotive division, which aims to sell approximately 20,000 vehicles in the Swedish market in 2024.

“With the introduction of Drivalia solutions in Sweden, we take a significant step in our growth strategy in Northern Europe. Our aim is to emerge as a major player in the new mobility sector, with a strong emphasis on diverse customer needs and the green vehicle market,” remarked Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Drivalia. “To realize this vision, we are making targeted investments to enhance our European fleet which, by 2026, will consist of 300,000 vehicles, with over half of them being electric and plug-in hybrid models. In addition, as in Denmark, Drivalia will work with KW Bruun to support the group in Sweden”.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce the extensive Drivalia family here in Sweden,” states Niels Bjørn Jacobsen, Country Manager of Drivalia Lease Sverige. “Being part of a banking powerhouse like Crédit Agricole enables us to fully cater to our customers’ needs as a leasing company renowned for its dedication to customers and service. Our objective is to provide accessible and affordable mobility experiences 24/7, throughout the year”.

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