Drivalia celebrates the success of the iconic CarCloud with the new “Anniversary Edition”


Drivalia unveils the new CarCloud "Anniversary Edition", to celebrate the success of its iconic monthly car subscription. With over 40,000 users in Italy, this plan has been instrumental in popularizing car subscriptions.

  • Over 40,000 users have opted for Drivalia’s flexible subscription formula, making it one of Italy’s top-selling car subscriptions.
  • To celebrate this achievement, today marks the launch of the CarCloud “Anniversary Edition”. This special plan offers the three most sought-after subscriptions of 2023 – DR4 LPG, DR6/MG HS, and Jeep Compass/Renegade or Kuga plug-in hybrid – at attractive terms.
  • Renewable on a monthly basis, with no restrictions or penalties, the plan can be activated online by redeeming a voucher available for purchase on Amazon or at Drivalia Mobility Stores.
  • By 2025, over 10% of new registrations across major European markets are projected to be subscription-based, amounting to more than €22 billion annually.

Drivalia unveils the new CarCloud “Anniversary Edition”, to celebrate the success of its iconic monthly car subscription. With over 40,000 users in Italy, this plan has been instrumental in popularizing car subscriptions.

CarCloud is inspired by two trends shaping tomorrow’s mobility: “disownership,” where products and services are used without direct ownership, and the “subscription economy,” where consumers access goods and services via subscription models.

It is projected that by 2025 over 10% of new registrations in major European markets will be subscription-based, generating the need for annual financing of more that €22 billion1. Additionally, over 1 in 3 Italians express interest in subscriptions, and the share rises to nearly 1 in 2 (47%) among the 18-34 age group2.

The CarCloud “Anniversary Edition” caters to individuals and freelancers, offering a choice from the three most popular subscriptions of the past year. Subscribers benefit from reduced monthly fees (€40, €70, and €30, respectively) and enjoy the flexibility, comprehensive after-sales services, and seamless online “end-to-end” management highly valued by customers.

Specifically, the first subscription features the DR4 LPG Family SUV, the second includes the DR6 Voyager SUV and the MG HS C-SUV, and the third encompasses the Jeep Compass and Renegade or Kuga plug-in hybrid SUVs. To subscribe, simply purchase a voucher priced at €249 for the first plan and €299 for the other two from Amazon or Drivalia Mobility Stores, and redeem it on the CarCloud website.

The CarCloud Anniversary Edition plan is renewable monthly for up to one year, with a minimum of 30 days, after which it can be cancelled without penalty. Once activated, subscribers can book, pick up, and exchange vehicles with 48 hours’ notice at participating Drivalia Mobility Stores.

The monthly fee – €399 for the DR4 LPG, €499 for the DR6/MG EHS, and €599 for the Jeep Compass/Renegade PHEV – includes 1,500 km per month and comprehensive services for hassle-free driving, such as third-party-liability, Kasko and theft insurance, as well as routine and non-routine maintenance. Additionally, subscribers of all-electric and PHEV models enjoy free charging at participating Drivalia Mobility Stores across Italy, along with 24 hours per month of E+Share Drivalia car sharing for the first 3 months.

1 Source: Vehicle-as-a-Service | Deloitte Global2 Source: Think Tank Automotive White Paper 3 Deloitte Consulting 2022, page 13 (link).

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